Irons in the Fire: Short story collection

flatiron writer's bookIn 2007, the Flatiron Writers won a Regional Artist Project Grant from the state and local arts councils to publish a diverse collection of short stories. The result is Irons in the Fire.

In What I Did for Love, Genève Bacon follows the path of a young woman as she searches for love—from her first affair in college through a succession of men in the different stages of her life. She takes her identity from her various lovers, willing to be whatever they want her to be until, on a pyramid in the Yucatán jungle, she finds herself.

The characters in Toby Heaton’s Coping With Purgatory—among them, an archaeologist, a baseball card collector, and an Appalachian farmer—have all suffered loss, pushing them into a limbo of unexplored emotional pain. In these stories, the protagonists forge their own unique accommodations to make their lives bearable.

Southern voices flow through Heather Newton’s Water Stories like the rivers, rains and baptismal waters that course through the South itself. A shifty log-home salesman, a grandmother mourning the loss of a baby, a boy running logs down the Cape Fear River after the Civil War, all look to the waters for cleansing, redemption or escape.

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